In recent years, speed dating has become increasingly popular. Let’s first figure out what is speed dating. It’s usually held in the format of a party, where everyone comes with the same goal – to make a new acquaintance and find his significant other. For a limited period of time all participants have the opportunity to communicate and make a first impression of each other.

It isn’t surprising that this way of dating was invented in the US – fans of fast food as early as the 90s noticed a tendency towards a general acceleration of the life rhythm. Modern women and men who are inclined to career growth have absolutely no time to seek a loved one. But the desire to find a soul mate remains in place, so the speed dating method has gained immense popularity in the US and then in the whole world. Let’s get a view of the advantages and disadvantages of speed dating with ukrainian bride site


As a rule, speed dating parties take place in cozy cafes and restaurants. Organizers try to create a comfortable atmosphere, which suggest people to communicate.

Organizers in advance divide all participants into age groups, so that at a party you will never meet with men much younger or older than you.

How does speed dating work? Usually 10 women and 10 men participate in such parties. All the women sit at the tables, and every man has 7 minutes to talk with you, then he changes to the next table. In the card you mark which of the participants you like, and if it’s mutual, the next day the organizers will exchange you contacts. This is a sure-fire way to avoid unnecessary awkwardness at once. You’ll call someone who has surely liked you.

As a rule, on speed dating parties come men who are really in tune for a serious relationship. Light-minded womanizers obviously won’t waste their time on such kinds of events. It’s much easier for them to “pick up” a girl in a nightclub.

You don’t need to waste time, as in the case of online dating. After all, there you need to create a beautiful profile, then for hours watch the profiles of men in search of a pretty specimen. And then still spend a huge amount of working time for correspondence about weather and pets. In the case of speed dating, you only need to apply for a party.

Some organizers try to diversify the laconic format of parties with different speed dating events. There are professional hosts, who hold competitions and quizzes, invite to sing in karaoke and entertain the public in every possible way.


The very process of dating for 7 minutes resembles a conveyor, and it isn’t so romantic.

Speed dating solves only the problem of finding a man, then you still have to spend time with him, to interest and maintain communication. So, one way or another, you need to somehow put love into your work schedule.

It should be remembered that the organizers of speed dating aren’t responsible for whether you find a partner or not. And most often you will meet a worthy man not at the first party.

Speed dating tips

You shouldn’t go hungry for such a party. After all, it isn’t accepted to eat for at least 70 minutes while communicating with participants.

Put on clothes that are most comfortable for you, so that you look natural. Don’t choose evening gown and remember that you will be sitting. So make an emphasis on the top – the shade of the blouse or jacket should bring out your face, but not distract attention. On the basis of the same considerations, it’s better to avoid décolleté dresses.

Remember that any person wants to seem better than he really is, so don’t idealize the men who participate in speed dating. Listen to your heart and simultaneously analyze what you see and hear.




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