Affair – 2016 Korean Movie

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Duration 1:17:45 hr

Korean Adult Movie Affair, Beautiful Wife Unsatisfied. Soo-yeon carries on with a dull and exhausting life day by day since her better half is constantly occupied with work and goes angling when he isn’t working. One day, Soo-ji, one of her secondary school companions, moves to the house nearby. At the point when Soo-yeon happens to observe subtly Soo-ji and her better half Sang-min engaging in sexual relations, her craving turns out to be strong to the point that she soon experiences serious difficulties endeavoring to stifle it. Soo-yeon winds up having enthusiastic sex with Sang-min one day when Soo-ji is away on a work excursion.

That night, as Soo-ji spots Soo-yeon and her better half escaping an auto together and her significant other being sweet with her, Soo-ji ends up suspicious of a proper connection between the two. Following day, when Soo-ji requests that Soo-yeon meet her outside, Soo-yeon uncovers a stunning story to her.