GVG-824 Housewife Gangraped In Front Of Her Husband.. Yui Hatano

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The cover page of this film really caught my attention. It summarized what destruction they brought to a beautiful young wife Yui Hatano to the hands or I say dicks of these muscular Japanese men.

Plot: Yui Hatano and her husband run a small-town factory which been running for generations. The husband wanted to keep the factory running so he borrowed money from a group of men. However, her husband failed to pay their debts on time. So the mod of muscular Japanese men went to their house to collect his debts. He can’t provide the money they wanted so the mob took Yui-chan as his temporary payment until he finds money to pay his debts.

I find it decent and had fun watching this film. The plot is easy to follow. I like the gimmick of this film regarding different sex positions. I was fun to watch them put her in a different kind of awkward position while they ravage this beautiful wife Yui-chan. Aside from the awkward sex position, the rape scenes are fun to watch. I like that they are rough to Yui-chan and having fun and laughing while they rape her in front of her husband. On the other hand, the creampies are fake.